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                 ​"TRUST THE PROCESS"


Enrolling New Fall Athletes! Starts September 26 Times TBD

Limited spaces available. Speed\Agilty\Strength Injury 

Prevention With Tried and Proven Concepts. See why many of the best athletes in the surrounding  train here.

Mini Marvel Youth Athletes 9-12 yrs old click the link below

Middle School Marvel Athletes click the link below

High School athletes click link below

Are you looking for classes or training? You are now able to schedule a class or a training at

Group training and classes are available in person, live or on demand. 


NGS offers a broad range of group classes tailored to fit all fitness levels with ELITE instructors. We specialize in Indoor Cycle, boxing, boot-camp and strength classes. Classes are offered On Demand, or inside of the facility. All instructors are certified through a Nationally Accredited organizations.

Face to face, live and on demand options are available. 


NGS offers one on one training. This option is great for those with a busy schedule, for those that prefer one on one direction or for those that may just may be starting out on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. NGS has a Certified Health & Wellness Specialist and Life-coach on site. Also a Pain Free Performance Certified trainer. Face to face and online options are available. 


Geared to improve the overall athlete to excel during competition. Improved speed, agility, quickness, strength and movement. A cost effective way to train. Call for team pricing.


Improve mobility, flexibility, strength, power, core stability, explosiveness & speed in our private, semi-private or small group trainings. NGS has an IYCA Speed & Agility Specialist and High school Strength & Conditioning Coach  and Basketball Speed Certified coach. NGS has a track record of training some of the best athletes in all surrounding cities and Counties. 



Tip #1

Identify your "why" so that you can be clear about your goals!

Tip #2

Prioritize consistency over intensity!

Tip #3

Don't compare yourself to people who are further along in their fitness journey! Remember, it's "You VS You!"



Heather A.

NGS Fitness has made a HUGE Impact in Hannah's speed of play in a short time. Besides helping her physically, Coach Damond has also helped her mentally. He pushes her and believes in her. He is willing to do anything to help her reach her goals. Whether that is making her a video or helping her with the recruiting process. We can not thank him enough.

Logan Penton

I joined NGS after my mom had been going there for many months and it exceeded her expectations. After just 8 sessions, I felt my strength, speed and agility was at the highest level it had ever been. I began going to NGS on a regular basis after the outstanding progress I was seeing. Dame truly knows what is best for your body and how to make you perform at the highest level possible. NGS gave me a more competitive advantage on the field and I 10\10 recommend. It was what I needed to help me land my soccer scholarship for Division 1 Oakland Grizzlies.

Grant Price

I initially came to NGS from another well-trusted coach. Previously I had trained at 3 different facilities, but my progress in strength, speed, and mobility during the short time I have been with Dame at NGS is unmatched. Trained by a true specialist! 12\10 and I highly recommend. He had me beyond prepared for going into college.

Tina Glime

I really enjoy the workouts NGS offers on Facebook. There is a lot of variety and you really feel like you are a part of the class. What I also like is that I can do the workouts on my own time, as my schedule permits, I would recommend NGS to everyone.

Stephanie Kopocs

Great place to train, one week down and great results.

Stacy Marie

It's been a little over a year since I have committed myself to training at NGS regularly. The results I have been able to achieve are amazing. They tailor their workouts to meet the needs of their clients. I now also bring my son for sports performance training. I highly recommend NGS for all your fitness and lifestyle goals!

Deanne Sprenger

NGS works diligently with you to make sure you hit your goals! I have been working with them over 1 1\2 years now and they constantly push me out of my comfort zone because that is where growth come from! They assure me I can do things that I am unsure about! I would highly recommend NGS to anyone looking for trainers. Thank you Dame & Kristin.

Michelle Herchler

After having 2 foot surgeries in 2 years, my daughter was in need of some speed and agility training. I took her to Dame and I can not tell you the improvement I have seen in her. Not only is her speed improving, but her form is the biggest difference I, as well as others who have been watching her play soccer for the past year, have seen. dame works with her, explains what he is doing, and is very encouraging. She enjoys going to the training and she feels more confident in herself.

Shari Kuhn

Experts in training. Great facility. Kick your butt classes. Kristin and Dame are great!

Lexi Michalski

Thank you to NGS for getting me to enjoy and like working out. They are very supportive! I would highly recommend NGS to anyone, especial those who are trying to get back in workout are nervous about finding what you like best. I have never exercised consistently and I truly enjoy!




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